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IrlCPC 2018 Team List

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Registered Teams

Team Name Third Level Institutionsort icon Coach Team
-=[B]ichael [B] [B]iggins=- Dublin City University Gary Conway Ciara Godwin Cian Ruane Noah Donnelly
INSA Lyon - INSAlgo 1 Other Marian Scuturici Mathis HAMMEL Thomas LACROIX Paul-Louis HERY
INSA Lyon - INSAlgo 2 Other Marian Scuturici Paul DU Alexis LE CONTE Sylvain VAURE
OOPs--; Trinity College, Dublin Dr Jonathan Dukes Prapti Setty Patrick Jennings Conor Clery
Fromt Row Trinity College, Dublin Prof. John Waldron Michael Cullen Sean Candon Michael Adebusuyi
Craic Team Trinity College, Dublin Gary Munnelly Niall Hunt Conor Gildea Catilina Rete
C++ was an inside job Trinity College, Dublin Dr Jonathan Dukes Arne Philipeit Dylan Lewis Chia Hao Jason Lau
Crypto University College Cork Klass-Jan Stol David Barrett Alessia Nardotto Ben Stuart
Call me Ishmael University of Dublin Dr. Stephen Farrell Eoin Dowling Robert Jennings Philip Bradish