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IrlCPC Rules & Instructions


Teams consist of 3 students and a coach, all from the same third level institutions.

The team will have only one computer to solve a set of 5 problems within 4 hours. No internet connection is allowed to the teams.

Once the contest begins teams may not confer with any other person, including their coach.

All mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices must be powered off and stored away for the duration of the contest.

The only networked resource that teams are permitted to access is the submission system.

A team may submit a claim of ambiguity or error in a problem statement by submitting a clarification request on the submission system. If the organisers agree that an ambiguity or error exists, a clarification will be issued to all teams.

Testing and Scoring

When teams submit a solution the submission time will be recorded and the solution will be queued for testing.

A problem will be tested against a number of validation inputs. A solution will be accepted if it completes and returns a correctly formatted output for all validation inputs.

Once a problem has been tested it will be marked with one of the following messages; ‘compiler error’, ‘runtime error’, ‘allowed time exceeded’, ‘accepted’.

If a solution is submitted while an earlier solution to the same problem is still in the queue, the earlier submission will not be tested. The earlier submission will be marked with the message: ‘canceled’.

All accepted problems will be scored out of 10 points.

You will not be told the points scored until the end of the contest.

When calculating a final score, only the most recent accepted solution is considered.

In the event of a tie, the winning team will be the one with the highest points on problem 5, if both teams score the same on problem 5, then the one with the highest points on problem 4 and so on. If a tie still exists, the team who’s last scoring submission was submitted earliest will be the winner.

Submission Instructions

Teams submitting java solutions should be aware; the testing script will be renaming your file to and as such the class must be given the name P# (where # is the problem number). For example, for problem 1:

public class P1 {

and will be called by :

java P1