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Treemetrics Talk

Audience gathering for the inaugural meeting of the UCC ACM Student Chapter.
Enda Keane of Treemetrics explains the role of machine learning in the optimisation of forestry.
Barry O'Sullivan of the Cork Constraint Computation Centre describing prediction of biodiversity in forests.
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 18:00
Room 1.07, Western Gateway Building, UCC

Enda Keane from TreeMetrics gave a talk on his software products which incorporate innovative solutions for optimising value recovery in forestry. These solutions involve a patent-pending technology to measure standing trees in the forest using 3D laser scanning and a decision support system to calculate yields based on different sawmill requirements.

This was followed by Barry O Sullivan from the 4C who is working on a set of technologies for improving the measurement of forests, and to achieve improved harvesting of timber logs through constraints.